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He rejected me. Does he have feelings or a change of heart now?(Need answers!!)?

Can someone tell me if he changed his mind or is just using me? Here's the events in order:

- I confessed and he rejected me. He said he kind of like me but since we're both team leaders in the same team/program we can't be together. I don't see it as an issues but obviously he does. We got drunk the next night and kissed. He said we were just friends. I got rejected again.

- The following month he injured his leg and I spent an entire week driving him to work/hospital, cooking, washing his clothes, cleaning his house. I poured my heart out to him. I was basically acting as his girlfriend/housewife. We teased each other and he was super appreciative telling me that I'm wonderful. Even his friends/sisters agreed so. He had seen a side of me that I don't show to normal friends.

- On his sister's birthday we ended up hugging, caressing and kissing (sober this time). He asked where we stood together. Out of fear of being rejected again, I said, "Not sure, let's not talk about it". When I asked him the same question he said, "We're just friends". I told him I should head home but he held me and asked me to stay.

- Since then I've decided to stop showing affection as I need to move on. He still tries to flirt everyday but I have disallowed hugs or any form of touching. Nothing that I wouldn't do with my brother or friends.

What do you think? Is he starting to like me or do you think he will? Why did he asked where we stood if he only saw us as friends?


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