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Who do you think will reach the WC 2014 final?

So, whoever wins the actual wolrd cup..BIG FUC......K ING DEAL.....if a new ended up being developed to get fair games...then...would be http://www.scatgirls.info/ one thing unique perhaps......At this moment, COSTA RICA ALREADY showed the world they tend to be each bit of your identical quality since the cheating Netherlands. Whom do i Think will win, Santa Claus versus the actual Wicked witch in the West and also neither one wins....too busy licking each othes' puzzies..and..balls. And, in order to earn the match thanks in order to penalty shoot outs? THAT'S http://www.scatgirls.info/ SPORT? LMAO ten fold..just a large joke.

who offers any rats azz..to be honest....every since the actual video games started EVERY nation in the world..has broadcast the REALITY in the games getting fake, back door bullshid deals getting made, politics interfering with the games...and lo and also behold, referees being bribed...not to say a few players...ITS ALL TRUE. who cares which wins....ok I digress...let's see here....well....if IFIFA pays additional officails along with politicians and also players to check another way, I would say then....Brazil along with Aregentina....the Nazi germans groups and Holland/Nederland is likely to be gone......

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